Award-winning composer Jonas Struck is a graduate from the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. He has worked for more than ten years as a film composer scoring and supervising various feature films, national TV-drama series, and a large number of documentaries. Latest the epic tennis drama ”Borg McEnroe”, starring Shia Le Beouf, the Sci-Fi movie ”Qeda – Man Divided” and the American TV-drama ”Conrad & Michelle”.

Struck’s inadmissible talent has not only served the Scandinavian film industry. For several years he was part of the hugely successful Danish rock band Swan Lee, with multi-platinum selling albums.

Struck’s sound is a mix of electronic soundscapes and organic instruments with strong signature themes that sums up the DNA of the movie.

Struck’s passion for music goes back to his childhood. Struck grew up in a small town on the island of Falster. He quickly chose music over mopeds and at the age of ten he started his own band, The Silverstars. At the age of fifteen Struck hosted his own radio program at the local radio station dedicated to modern jazz, and the following years he played hundreds of live gigs featuring many genres such as jazz, surf and rock ‘n’ roll.

“Jonas Struck is more than a hugely inspiring and talented composer, he is also an amazing songwriter with a unique sensitive signature”…

Ole Christian Madsen, film director


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